The Solopsist's Plea

Human life is absurd. All that "I" can do is assume:

  • that "I" exist, whatever this omnipresent "I" thing is,
  • that "I" am part of a subjective world (solipsism), and
  • that there is an objective reality beyond my subjective world (objectivism).

My subjective world is not fixed. It is full of gaps because of the things I forget. It contains many things that I don't understand. It is coloured by cultural values which tend to hide abstract properties. It is always changing: depending on my emotional state certain aspects are drawn into focus and emphasised while others are hidden or temporary forgotten. It becomes unbelievably bizarre when I dream.

The objective reality is everything outside me. It includes everything that exists in an objective sense. It is is very different to my subjective world. The objective reality has ongoing and unchanging patterns and rhythms. It persists whether I think about it or not. It is unchanged by my emotions, my dreams or what I forget. It appears to have no gaps; there are only gaps in what I know about it.

There is a fundamental incompatibility between my subjective world and the objective reality. The objective reality includes everything that exists objectively, including my brain, but it does not admit anything that is subjective like "I". "I" do not exist objectively; "I" am only part of my subjective world. Yet both my subjective world and the objective reality are essential to me, and "I" can deny neither. This is the fundamental absurdity of life.

I bring the two worlds together in a ritual which entails reciting The Solipsist's Plea and then performing The Solipsist's Twirl:

The Solipsist's Plea
Oh Universe!
I assume that you exist.
Let me feel your far flung matter,
so that your illusion
may persist.

The Solipsist's Twirl
Twirl around quickly with arms out stretched. Blood rushes to finger tips as hands are flung outwards. By Mach's Principle, all the matter in the Universe is tugging on arms and hands, pulling them outwards. Feel the whole Universe tugging! It feels comfortingly REAL.